better than yesterday

The Best Advice I Can Give

The Best Advice I Can Give. Who doesn’t like helping others? It feels good that friends or co-workers share their problems with us, right? We feel proud they solved their problems because of our contribution. We all love giving advice. We have the perfect solution to every problem. Except our own.

Goals vs Systems

Goals vs Systems. Systems are almost the antithesis of goals, in that they are entirely about creating a repeatable set of actions instead of considering the overarching goal that they work towards. If goals are the macro, systems are the micro. This is how you achieve your goals.

How To Get Things Done

How To Get Things Done. Take a second and think of everything you need to do today, this week, this month. Does your brain hurt a little? Yeah, we feel you. With so much to do, and so much input coming at us from everywhere, it’s hard to focus and figure out how to be more productive, or indeed, how to even begin ticking things off your growing to-do list.