The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence. The amazing power of silence is something you might hear about in a ted talk, but not truly grasp. But if silence can make you successful and happy in your life, why then are more people not hearing about the power of silence?

Secrets to Building Self Discipline

Secrets to Building Self Discipline. The secret to self-discipline is knowing yourself . That sounds like big, fluffy nonsense, so let me take it back a little bit. Zero things in life are sustainable if you do not enjoy them on some level.

Create the Future You Want

Create the Future You Want. In this animated story, you will learn how to create the future you want. This motivational video is about one thing: teaching you to find your OWN definition of success.

Laws of Psychological Power

Laws of Psychological Power. These psychological facts demonstrate the laws of power in an evidence-backed way. No tricks, no games. The laws of psychological power will blow your mind and intrigue your soul. Enjoy!

Sleep Better And Wake Up Early

Sleep Better And Wake Up Early. In order to sleep better, and wake up early, you need to learn about the circadian rhythm – and why it’s important to wake up at a regular time – such as 5 am. To sleep better at night and then ultimately wake up early, we have a few helpful tips to get you started on your journey towards a more rested and enjoyable sleeping life.

Psychology of Leading People

Psychology of Leading People. It is often said that a strong vision makes a good leader. But in a crisis, people do not need a vision to inspire them, they are already raring to act. Instead, they need what psychologists call HOLDING, leaders who acknowledge their emotions and give them a sense of context and reality.

Life Taoism Lessons From Lao Tzu

Life Taoism Lessons. For more than 2,000 years the semi-legendary Taoist master Lao Tzu has been an inspiration to spiritual seekers from across the globe. His classic book Tao Te Ching contains pearls of wisdom that can guide us on the path to finding peace with ourselves and the world.

Why Life Should NOT Be Perfect

Why Life Should NOT Be Perfect. Life Should Not Be Perfect. Do you do you have a perfect life? Are you satisfied and happy with what you are and what you have? Perhaps very few may answer “yes” but may not be able to describe what is the “perfect life”, what is the “perfect person” and what is the “perfect achievement”. On the contrary, those who say “no” will give many reasons to describe their imperfections.